This forum officially opened on January 3rd, 2011. It is owned and operated by three garden tractor enthusiasts who are passionate about the Colt, Case and Ingersoll (CCI) brands. They are just ordinary folks like you and after spending years as members of other forums they felt did not meet the needs of the CCI community, they came together to create the CCI forum.


First of all, this forum deals 99.9% with Colt, Case and Ingersoll tractors. There are lots of other forums out there that look after other brands exclusively or all brands generally. As a member, you will have access to the largest library of original manuals written by Colt, Case and Ingersoll currently on the internet. And if you happen to own a Massey-Ferguson that was built by Ingersoll, we have you covered.

Many of the regulars here are well-known collectors and enthusiasts in the CCI community. The pool of knowledge on this site runs deep. Unlike some other forums, we do not speculate in our advice. Quite often, the advice given is referenced to manuals in the Technical Library so that you, as an owner, are confident that you can rely on what you read here.

In addition, we do our best to make sure that all members are treated with respect. We consider this site to be a place where you can learn as much about your tractor as you are willing to absorb and without fear of ridicule. We have an extensive team of staff to help with the day-to-day running of the site, including close moderation of all conversations but not so close as to be overbearing. We believe this creates a great place to learn and also have some fun in between.

To a large degree, we are not politically correct because we believe that attitude has a tendency to stifle free speech but civility still rules the day. We believe that you will find this a very safe and enjoyable site to be a member of.


Absolutely not. Many people come here to learn more about this line of tractors prior to seeking one out. We have a section that is devoted to the classified ads found in Craigslist, Uncle Henry's, Kijij, e-Bay and others. Our members find those ads and post them in that forum. Quite often, there will be discussion about one or more aspects of those ads, including whether the asking price is low, high or pretty much bang on. Many members have found tractors and implements as a direct result of reading our Classifieds forum and we commemorate that event by posting it in our Tractor Cupid thread. All we ask you to bring is your desire to know more about these tractors and if you happen to have information to share, so much the better.


No you are not but by all means, please feel welcome to do so whenever you wish. I know from my own experience that joining a new site can be somewhat intimidating. There always seems to be a clique of active members and you wonder if you should make yourself known or not. Well, do not worry about that. Once you join, you can (if you wish) go to the Introductions forum and let us know you are here. It is up to you as to what you wish to reveal about yourself. Read some of the other threads to get some ideas. From there, you can click on each of the other forums and read the message at the top that is titled "Read me first before posting". That STICKY message will explain how each forum is to be used. If you see a conversation that interests you, then just join in. If you need help, then send us an e-mail or go to the Help & Feedback forum at the top of the Board Index page.

If you already have some questions about your "new to you" tractor, then explore our FAQ section first. Many of the most Frequently Asked Questions are listed right there and contain some very in-depth information that will often give you an answer faster then if you asked on one of the many forums. If after reading a FAQ, you still are unclear on an issue, then by all means, post a question in the appropriate forum.


Yes we do. We have kept them to a minimum. They are simple to follow because they entail common sense. You can find them in the Help & Feedback section at the top of the Board Index page.


No, it does not. Membership is free. However, at the request of numerous members, we instituted a Member Support program that has four tiers. No one is expected or obligated to participate. Members contribute whatever amount they are comfortable with because they understand that it does cost money every single month to host the forum and as the forum continues to grow in size, the cost will rise in accordance with the bandwidth needed to keep the operational speed at a peak. The three owners do not profit by a single penny from such donations. Whatever funds come in, are held in trust to cover operating costs. The members who do contribute receive a special banner under their screen name for a period of one year from the date of the contribution. Further involvement with the program is once again voluntary.

Most of the other sites allow advertising to be placed all over the forum pages out of sheer necessity. We will resist entering into such methods for as long as we can but of course, that will be contingent on whether the membership is willing to engage the Member Support program to the necessary level. Currently, less than 10 percent of the members are in this program.


That is not a problem. The door swings both ways on this forum. You can just stop coming to the site from that point on. We may send you an e-mail asking what happened but other than that, you won't hear from us again. You can send a PM (private message) or an e-mail to anyone in Administration and request that you be removed from the list of members. We comply with all such requests swiftly. You are free to re-join at a later date, should you desire to do so.

What's new here at CCI?

Be sure to visit the new Hydraulics and Design pages we added. If you're new to Case, Colt or Ingersoll tractors the Hydrualics page will show you how the hydraulic system functions on these compact tractors. On the Design page you can learn what makes these tractors different from other Lawn and Garden tractors.