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    Quote Originally Posted by Jancoe View Post
    I had this problem on my 4018. I thought the shaft on the pump was bent. It turned out to be the adapter was rusting out and the hole was wobbled out a hair. This caused the pump to move around. New adapter and cleaned the shaft on the lathe and it is working great. Pump just floats there smoothly now. I wounder if you could use a bulkhead fitting on the bottom of the tank if you say the nipple is a clean break on the bottom of it??? They make all kinds of them.
    New tanks are not that hard to get on eBay or a member on the board here. They don't fail very often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssmewing View Post
    New tanks are not that hard to get on eBay or a member on the board here. They don't fail very often.
    None on the bay, now or in the last few weeks, I checked first thing. Another member here is also looking for one too.

    I've posted here, hoping for a lead, and sent PM's to likely sources.

    'course there's always new, but if I also need an adapter, the total cost will be significant!

    My key, pump and adapter are all good, at least they looked OK when the pump was removed for the fitting fix. There were no indications that it had ever been out before, but some of the hose clamps had been replaced.

    Apparently this has been going on for a while as a year or so ago I had some oil leaks from the hose fittings. And, the oil was getting splashed out of the screen. Tightened the clamps and no more leaks. So the pump was moving then, I just couldn't see it with everything in place.

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Helps confirm what I thought I knew. Just have to start measuring and inspecting while hoping for a tank source to appear.

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