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Bob MacGregor
07-24-2020, 07:06 PM
Nikki carbs on an Onan, not bad to remove and clean.
HOWEVER, Vanguard horizontal V twins on Ingersoll tractors, not so easy!
To remove the carb from a Vanguard in an Ingersoll is more involved as the engine needs to be removed from the tractor and the blower housing needs to be removed from the engine to gain access to the carb/intake manifold. This is not a fun job, but there is an easier way to clean the carb without having to remove the engine from the tractor.
With the air filter and filter housing removed, disconnect the choke cable. Carefully remove the screws from the carb top and lift it straight up off the carb base, may need to carefully break the top gasket loose. Most times this gasket is reusable.
Turn the key on which will retract the plunger in the fuel cutoff solenoid, put an object between the plunger tip and the high speed jet to keep it away from the jet, turn the key off.
Remove the float and inlet needle valve, clean the fuel out of the carb bowl.
At this point all of the carb passages are exposed and carb cleaner can be sprayed into the passages. Spray carb cleaner into the carb bowl enough to cover the high speed jet. In the pics on the Onan thread the carb internal parts are described. Be careful with carb cleaner as some of it may enter the engine.:geek: