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    Quote Originally Posted by bigman View Post
    I know how you fell
    You fix one problem then another one pops up
    Thanks. I think the one thing that really irks me is a mistake I made when purchasing. I've never owned one of these before and I paid full market value, for a tuned machine. Tractor (900 hrs), mow deck, and snowcaster: paid nearly $2k. I feel like I got duped by the Seller and I wasn't familiar with the machine, so I didn't know how to inspect the machine properly. As soon as I got it home and started using it, all the gremlins came out. One, by one, bye one, by one, by one, bye one, bye one...

    I'm in so deep right now with it, the cost basis I'm operating under has taken all the wind out of my sails. Sometimes you have to move on. I'm on the precipice. Sell to hopefully cover costs (forget about the time into it) and get out.....

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    Sure sorry to hear what happen to you on this 444.
    There really good tractors.
    The PO probably got a good cheap deal and just wanted to flip it for big money on someone for more cash, you would think for big money you would get a good tractor.
    you wanted a good tractor not a work project, some times your the bug that hits the windshield, I hate it, your not the first guy to be had.
    I think if you get the PTO fixed and check it over for loose fasteners like the motor mount bolts you'll be in better shape, those Kohler's are great motors but they vibrate all the time.


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