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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1mn2 View Post
    Yes, they have cogged belts and the blades are timed (which sounds a lot more complex than it is). I haven't had an issue with them getting out of time but I probably don't have 15hrs. on my rebuild. When I got mine, after reading lots of threads about them, the main caution is to not hit stumps, rocks etc. That goes without saying on any deck but yeah, if the blades hit each other, bad things could happen.
    The Ariens did not require hitting anything :-( Just uneven loading of the blades. Around the edges and obstacles the wife tends to mow 5 or 6 inches away from where she mowed the last time. Rather than cleaning up a foot and a half with the weed whip I used the Ariens Back to the AC 912, that thing can and has double as a brush hog


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    After having several 2c series and one 446, this is my resolve. I regret letting that 226 with wide original ag tires go for a bird song. Especially seeing the same tractor on marketplace after two days at almost twice the price. That's not important though. I find the 446 working the garden better than a 2c series. Just better traction for the plow and tiller. But pulling a garden cart around, doing the lawn, I think a 2c series somehow fits better.

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    My 446 didn’t run when I got it. The gentleman who sold it thought it might be the rectifier, but I chased it down to a bad starter. I’m in the middle of a complete rebuild right now. Have all the parts just no time to put them back together 😂.

    The 646 I got with a “bad” pump. I adjusted the banana plate, and replaced the hydraulic hoses to the TCV with hard lines (per apec) and now she’s runs well.

    In regard to finding a deal you just need to keep your eyes open and one will show up.

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    Hi, I have read everyones posts and all is relevant. I live near Rochester NY. I saw a 446 sitting next to garage for over a year. I stopped several times. Finally talkedto owner. The tractor had no engine.the owner opened shed door and was filled w/Case implements and a 4016. She said everything has to go. Long story short, got both tractors,2 decks 48", RM48,J46,2 Snowcasters,a 54" blade,and a K1 cab. She said 1200 for all. When I came back w/car trailer and loaded it all she came up and said give me 800. Keep your eyes open.You're in the heartland of Case/Ingersoll generally prices are better but you never know!

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    GREAT SCORE!! Curious. Is your horseshoe uncomfortable when you sit down???
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    Quote Originally Posted by dundee222 View Post
    GREAT SCORE!! Curious. Is your horseshoe uncomfortable when you sit down???
    It should be. By my count, he bought a cab, a roller tractor and a mower deck and got the rest for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave1mn2 View Post
    Speaking of prices, Indiana is close enough to gain the "Midwest" price advantage and have plenty to choose from, at least within contiguous states.
    Asking prices can be all over the place here.

    I ended up paying $1,800 for a running 226, 448, 2x snowcasters, 2x functioning mower decks, utility cart, spare transaxle, tire chains, wheel weights and a box of spare parts.

    Previously I had looked at a smoking 446 with a bad paint job, mower deck w/seized bearings and utility blade for $1,400.

    The average asking price of 200 series tractors seems much more stable.

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