Case Ingersoll Sleeve Hitch - $240 (Hemlock)

This Sleeve Hitch fit Case and Ingersoll tractors with the big wheels and the long frame. That means all 4000 series tractors and all 400 series tractors made in 1980 and after.

There are 2 versions of this sleeve hitch with all the aforementioned guides. The early version of the sleeve hitch lacked the strength to handle the late model tiller with the side drive. This sleeve hitch is the more desired reinforced version.

The hitch is complete. Not pictured are the 2 bolts and nuts for the adapter to the midlift bellcrank.

I am the Hemlock Case Guy. New this summer I got a professional mower blade sharpener and balancer along with the adapter for the right hand discharge blades. I sharpen and balance blades for $8 each off the tractor.